Guts Church Scheer Family

If you don’t quit, you win— a statement that unmistakably characterizes the life of Pastor Bill Scheer.  With a decision to get all of God he could get over 30 years ago, he began to pursue the call of God on his life.  Guts Church was founded by a passion to reach people who weren’t being reached in a way that wasn’t being done already & quite frankly, with a passion to do what everyone said couldn’t be done.

Over 20 years later & never taking no for an answer, he now finds himself,  “Husband of the best wife in the world, father to the most wonderful kids in the world, Pastor to the greatest church in the world, and humbled at how gracious God is.”  In short, the greatest life imaginable.

He resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he and his wife, Sandy, pastor Guts Church. They have 4 children, daughters Brooklyn and Kennedy, son Taylor and daughter-in-law Cassidi.



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