God’s Promise to Heal

We have to believe (and put all of our trust in) God’s promise over the symptoms and circumstances regarding our health.The facts sometime reveal sickness and disease, but the Word is the truth and reveals health and life.
Jesus boldly stated that He came to give life and life more abundant. That more abundant life of God is the reward we have because of the atonement Jesus made for us leading up to and enduring the cross.
I often hear ministers speak of their frustration with people who don’t preach the cross, well, preaching the cross gives us the liberty to proclaim the healing atonement Jesus made at that cross.
God loves us and sent His Word which promises to heal our diseases and deliver us of our destructions.
Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever; so is His healing atonement.



Healed Audio

Pastor Bill’s straight-forward and innovative teaching will inspire you to take hold of God’s healing power for your life.

Listen to it online on your desktop or mobile device

Music by Joe Ninowski

Healed Book

Pastor Bill shares from-Scripture what God said about healing in 15 easy readings along with declarations of faith for readers to receive God’s healing power. This powerful little book is full of God’s Word on healing. Each reading reveals a new aspect of God’s plan for healing including God’s Grace, God’s Blessing, God’s Redemption, God’s Medicine, and more. Complete with examples of His power in the Scriptures, readers are encouraged to pray and declare their faith at the end of each reading.


Healed Room

In this room, we have created an atmosphere thick with the promises of God as it pertains to healing. You can also purchase the “Healed” CD in the Bookstore which features Pastor Bill.

The Healed Room is open Monday thru Thursday 9am-5pm and before and after services on Sundays and Wednesdays at Guts Church. For more info contact careteam@gutschurch.com

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