2M Graduation | Sunday, May 5th | 6pm Tulsa and Skiatook

2M Graduation | Sunday, May 5th | 6pm Tulsa and Skiatook

Congratulations 2M students, you have officially made it through the 2econd Mile! We appreciate all of your commitment to completing this program and in honor of that, we are celebrating you on Sunday, May 5th at 6pm in Tulsa and Skiatook. All currently enrolled 2M students will be recognized, but to receive credit and to graduate from 2M, you need to have the following:

  • Attended all eight classes in all four sessions of 2M.
  • Completed 6 exams AND final assignment (Homework from Pastor Bill listed below)and have them turned in to Student Services at the reception immediately following the Rally on May 5th. All links to the finals are listed below.
  1. Follow up on somebody that you haven’t seen at church in a week, two weeks or longer.
  2. Remember someone that was “Lawrence” for you. If you don’t know about Lawrence, please listen to the link from Charlotte Gambill HERE. This is someone you’ve already been reaching out to and helpful with – reconnect with them.
  3. Find a new project, which is a person like a “Lawrence” from the Charlotte Gambill sermon from Sunday, April 21st.
  4. Email 2m@gutschurch.com and let us know that you’ve completed this last assignment. We don’t need to know who, just that you’ve done what Pastor Bill assigned on Sunday, April 21st.
  • Paid tuition in full by May 5th at 6pm.

2012-2013 Final Exams:

Covenant Final

Faith Final

Leadership Final 2013

Ministry 101 Final 2013

Renewing the Mind Final

Prosperity Final

Finally, if you missed class this last Sunday, please take a moment to view Pastor Bill’s final charge to the graduating class of 2012-2013.