RESET | Confidence Camps

RESET | Confidence Camps


Our Confidence Camps use faith and fitness to teach kids how to value the gifts that God has placed in them.

They will learn how to overcome as they are challenged to push past their physical limits and expand their endurance. They will also be shown how to live in peace when facing adversity, all while having a ton of fun!

  • One Week
  • $50 per Session

SESSION 1: June 15th-18th (9am-12pm, 1st-6th grade)

SESSION 2: June 29th-July 2nd (9am-12pm, 1st-6th grade)

SESSION 3: June 29th-July 2nd (1pm-4pm, 7th-12th grade)

SESSION 4: July 13th-16th (9am-12pm, 1st-6th grade)

SESSION 5: July 27th-30th (9am-12pm, 1st-6th grade)

SESSION 6: July 27th-30th (1pm-4pm, 7th-12th grade)


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