Day 1 – Pastor Bill

For so long I’ve heard the cliché, “it’s not so much your ability but your availability.”

If this remains a cliché, we don’t benefit from the wisdom that can bring incredible benefit. I’m really cognizant right now of God’s grace that is available in all of our lives. We all know that we activate this Grace by faith, all of God’s power in this life that He targets to us, is through his Grace. His Grace is always sufficient, but it’s also contingent upon our availability.

I’ll lay it out for you, if you make yourself available, (totally available) to the power of God operating in your life, He will!

Sure, rely on your abilities but also remember that your availability is what allows God’s grace to flow in your life. His provision to heal, to prosper, to set you free is all available within His Grace.

Your mindset doesn’t have to be what you can do for God for it to happen, but just how to receive it, because he’s already provided it.

Stay strong!

Pastor Bill Scheer