Day 2 – There’s a Miracle in Your House

There’s a Miracle in Your House
I noticed a few months ago that I had lost one of the diamond earrings my mom had given me before she passed away seven years ago. I tore up the house trying to find this one earring and kept the other one just in case I found it. They weren’t expensive but I had a sentimental attachment to them. I was so sad one of them was gone.


Bill preached a couple of weeks ago about proclaiming that there is a miracle in your house. I went home and walked into our house by myself and proclaimed this over our house and our lives. I wasn’t thinking about specifics like material things, but generally for every area. I thought about the earring later, and specifically prayed God would show me where it was.


I received a call a few weeks later and walked into our office to talk. The sun was shining through the window and I noticed a sparkle in our wicker ottoman. I thought it was glitter from our Christmas decorations. I went to pick it out of the burlap and had a hard time getting it out. I finally got it out and you guessed it- it was my earring. Our dog had taken it off my bedside table


and ate the back off of it. She had chewed on the post part of it and then left it. I started screaming! It was like I won the lottery. It wasn’t because of the diamond earring but because God was faithful and answered my prayer. I think many times we give up on things God has for us when He is saying, “It’s yours! Just ask Me!”


In 2017, I am praying we declare God’s Word, favor and provision in our homes and lives. Take back what was stolen from you or what you have decided just isn’t that big of a deal! It is His pleasure to bless His children!


Psalm 13:2 says that hope deferred makes the heart sick, BUT when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.


Declare it,
Pastor Sandy