Day 3 – Grace Upon Grace

Grace upon Grace

By Jeremy Bedell

Hebrews 4:16 “Let us come boldly to the Throne of Grace…”

It’s extremely important for you to realize the following promise as you dive into the fast and as we launch our 25th year of ministry at Guts Church. Whatever you’ve been through, whatever you’re going through and whatever you’re believing for in this next year, you MUST recognize that our God sits on a THRONE OF GRACE. For most of our lifetimes, many of us have been taught to think He is sitting on a throne of judgment and waiting to strike us with lightning at the first mistake we make. But that is not what He is doing right now. He is sitting on His throne of grace today!

TODAY is the day of salvation! TODAY His mercies are new in your life! TODAY His grace is all you will ever need to win the battle you face in this world! Be bold today with your God and KNOW that He will never be short on the grace you need in your life. After all, He is sitting on a throne of it!

If you can, spend the next 25 minutes in prayer. As you pray, come boldly into His presence and approach with the confidence that you are ALREADY accepted by Him.