The Guts Internship July 2019 class will begin on July 7th, 2019. Please email for more information, or stop by the back of the sanctuary after all services.

The Guts internship incorporates hands-on ministry experience, classroom instruction, event planning, small group accountability, and tutelage under the
oversight of the incredible staff of Guts Church. In every facet of Guts’ ministry, you’ll find interns’ fingerprints. This program gives you the opportunity to be stretched, tested and groomed to develop you as a leader. We have gone to great lengths to create an environment conducive to growth spiritually, professionally and personally. The goal of the Guts Internship is to prepare you for your purpose and win the race God has called you to


To develop the character, knowledge and skills necessary to influence change in the world with the power of God, through the local church.

Core Values

Honor: To hold God, people, and His house in the highest esteem; we honor because we are honorable.

Authority: Humble yourself, submit to God, and meet the needs of others.

Faith: Unquestioning trust in God that does not require proof or evidence.

Love: Choose others before yourself.

Tempo: Continue effort in spite of difficulty or opposition while maintaining a sense of urgency.

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