Great Gain

Great Gain

Eric_English.jpg.mxw220.ha1 Timothy 6:6

Now godliness with contentment is great gain.

How do you think about gain?  The majority of life I’ve considered gain as an increase in money, influence, business, ministry, etc.  All of the tangible measurements we use to check our progress, and all of them are critical in living the abundant life.  But what is the value of accomplishment without contentment?

The Bible states that great gain is found in the combination of Godliness and contentment.

Everything programs us to see the negative, the broken, and that breeds discontent in our soul. The lens of negativity or judgment through which we see life can distort the wonderful gift we have been given.  We must learn to see what the Lord is doing in our life every day and enjoy the process of life with Him.

With any situation in life, large or small, we can choose to see the benefits or the inconvenience.   My son started football practice last week.  It runs for two hours, four nights per week.  I could have thought “it’s hot, my buddies aren’t here, and this is a lot of time wasted” but instead chose to look at practice as time with my son, and down time with the Lord.  The choice of mindset makes the experience enjoyable rather than a burden.

Contentment doesn’t mean we do not press on to the high calling of Christ, but means we can enjoy the process along the way.


Eric English