Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Hello Guts Girls and Happy New Year!

I hope you have joined us in the 21 Day Daniel Fast. I’m believing that you will get direction for your life like never before. The fast doesn’t move God…it moves you to hear from God. I encourage you to not only fast food but other areas of your life that stop you from hearing God’s voice and direction. It could be social media, TV, wrong relationships or good relationships that have taken priority over more important things. Ask God to show you what needs to stay and what needs to go. He is faithful and wants a relationship with you more than you know. We have placed a tree in the sanctuary with tags to fill out for what you are believing for during the fast and for this year. Stop by and fill one out. We will pray over each one and join you in believing for God’s direction. It’s important to write down your vision and requests and have others agree with you in prayer.

I’m excited to tell you about our Guts Girls Rush Night. It will be on Tuesday, January 14th at 7pm. This will be a night that you can see all of the Guts Girls Clubs for 2014 and pick one that interests you. There will be ones specific to the season of life you are in. For example,  Engaged and Newly Married. There will be ones according to interests like running or cooking. These clubs are designed to help you connect with other girls in the church. They meet once a month. Come check it out and find a club that suits you! Exciting things are ahead for Guts Girls so don’t miss out!

I’ll see you at Rush Night,
Pastor Sandy Scheer

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