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Inside Church Growth Secrets you'll learn how to implement our cutting edge church growth strategy.
Over the summer our first time visitors GREW exponentially:

42% increase in the first month.

60% increase in Month 2.

87% increase in Month 3.

112% increase in Month 4!

And yes - this was during the summer!

The best part?

80% of the new visitors who go through our church growth system that we're going to teach you, join our church within 3 weeks. 

In the Church Growth Secrets Course you'll have access to a series of Step-By-Step Walkthrough Videos, Online Training Sessions, Facebook Ads Templates, Landing Page Templates, Cheat Sheets, and Online Coaching. We are going to help your church install and implement this EXACT strategy. 
What People are Saying About Church Growth Secrets and the New Church Growth Model:
"I just launched Plan Your Visit and within one hour of running my Facebook Ad I got my first visitor signed up!"

- Glyn, Alabama
"Hey Chris! Really enjoying all the info shared in the Church Growth Secrets Course. We literally launched our Plan Your Visit system this past week and FOUR new families have already signed up!"

- Pastor Steve
"Man, I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed this! I have literally worked on this everyday trying to milk all I can out of it. I want to thank you for putting out such top quality content. I have sampled Nelson Searcy, Church Ninja, Rocket and others and this is BY FAR THE BEST."

- Pastor Zac, Georgia
"Huge WIN for us! We just got approved at for the GOOGLE Grant of $10,000 a month in Google Ads! Thanks Guts Church and the Church Growth Secrets Program for turning us on to the program. 

- Pastor Vic, Missouri
"We just started the Plan Your Visit system last week and had 2 new families! This week we already have one new family signed up. We are believing this is just going to explode from here! We are the only church in our city that is currently doing this."

- Tiffany
"Praise the Lord! Wanted to let you guys know that we had 3 first time visitors at church this morning because of the Facebook Ads you have given us! I know that's not your biggest success story, but it's big for us!"

- Pastor Paul
"I learned my lesson last year. We sent out a (very expensive) 30,000 piece mailer and only got 2 visitors. 
So far with this new system we've had 9 new visitors and have only spent $50 in advertising!"

- Pastor Ken
"We are in the process of implementation and are already seeing huge results from just being out there! Again thanks so much.  Our 6pm service had plateaued around 60-70 people. But in July we implemented what was taught in the Church Growth Secrets course and are our current attendance has been staying above 120 , and most of them are new faces!"

- Pastor Vic
"In June of 2016 we only had 8 first time visiting families. 
In June of 2017 WE HAD 34 first time families!
The difference? Facebook advertising done right."

- Adam, Church Communicator
Inside Church Growth Secrets You'll Have Instant Access to:

  •  New Lessons and Trainings Updated Constantly!
  •  The Facebook Video Ad Formula
  • How To Write Facebook Ads That Actually Grow Your Church
  •  How To Get Your Church On Page 1 of Google
  • The entire Plan Your Visit Model Training Course  (The Key to Consistent Church Growth!)
  • The Ultimate Facebook Ads Training Library
  •  The Bulletproof Follow Up System
  •  The Entire 9 Part Church Growth Blueprint
  •  Why Your Church Needs Two Websites (AKA Central Hub)
  •  ALL ACCESS PASS to the audio trainings of the official Tougher Than Hell Church Growth Conference (Over 6 hours of actionable content that will set you up for growth)
  •  BONUS #1: Church Growth Facebook Ad Templates (Copy and install these right away!)
  •  BONUS #2: The famous "Plan Your Visit" video you can run as a Facebook Video ad or install on your church's landing page
  •  BONUS #3: How to Get Approved for $10,000 a Month in FREE Google Adwords (This is absolutely priceless. Your church will never be the same after this)
  •   BONUS #4: The 7 video followup series each new visitor needs to see
  •   BONUS #5: The "Plan Your Visit" landing page template
  •  Tons more...We're always adding to the training section so you can stay up to date on the latest strategies and always know what is working now. (And what isn't!)
Proven and tested systems you can install and implement right away.
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