Prioritize Your Life Before Someone Else Does

Prioritize Your Life Before Someone Else Does

NewPSHeadshotI know most people’s year starts in January and ends in December. My year starts in August with back to school and ends in May when the kids are out and summer is here. Summer is almost over so it’s time to get organized and prioritize my life. Sounds easy enough right? Well, I’m from thesouth where the answer is always, “I’d love to!” The south, where manners and people’s feelings are paramount. The need to please is always screaming from within. I could tell you story after story of times I have said yes knowing full well it was an impossible task.

What I have found is by not saying no and always saying yes created a lot of regrets. It put me in a position to let someone else prioritize my life. I was on someone else’s schedule. Important things and people were put on the back burner because I wanted to do EVERYTHING and not let ANYONE down. Bad combo! I made a change. Here are a few things I did to prioritize my life.
I wrote down the 5 top priorities in my life: God, Bill, my children, my health, and a God-pleasingministry. I can hear people saying but what about friends? They are important and I love them, but these were my top five. Every decision I make filters through these top five priorities.

That is still a lot of decisions so the next step was I had to separate the decision from the relationship. I had to make decisions that were best for me and separate the relationship I had with that person. This included extended family. You can’t do everything. I also had to realize that it’s ok to say, “I’m going to have to think about it and get back to you with an answer.” I realized it was ok not to immediately say yes even if it was a Mediterranean Cruise they wanted me to go on! There are a lot of great things you can do but is it the right thing?

I would say yes because I felt like I had to make everything work out! I can make this work. No, no, no! There are other great people that can make it work. Life is meant to be enjoyed. How can we enjoy it if someone else is prioritizing our life?
Prayer is key. What would God have you do today? You want to be at the right place at the right time. Your life depends on it! Matthew 5:37 says, All you need to say is simply “yes” or “no;”anything beyond this comes from the evil one. That’s good enough for me.

Stay strong,
Pastor Sandy