Special Guest | David Crank

Special Guest | David Crank

Join Pastors Bill and Sandy Scheer as they host Pastor David Crank, Senior Pastor of Faith Church St Louis, on Wednesday, February 20th at 7 PM in Tulsa and Skiatook, Oklahoma. Pastor Bill and Pastor David will also be hosting Sub30 at 9pm in Tulsa.





Below is a brief bio from FaithChurchStLouis.com

“David Crank and Nicole Crank are the Senior Pastors of Faith Church St Louis. The southwest campus of the church is located in Sunset Hills and the northwest campus reaches the northern metro area in Earth City.

Pastor David believes that everyone shares a commonality when it comes to making mistakes and not wanting to admit our mistakes to others. Drawing on his own failures and shortcomings, he uses illustrated teachings with real-life application to assure us that God’s not mad or ready to punish us just because we aren’t perfect.

He knows by experience the greatness of God and wants everyone to know that God is the best when it comes to loving and forgiving us. Pastor David preaches the Good News that despite our failings- no matter who we are and what we’ve been through – Christ has paid the price for our shame through the cross once and for all! His challenging message to all is forgive yourself and “use your life to change a life”.

Pastor Nicole has a heart to reach out to the hurting. She identifies with a past of pain and conveys the hope of deliverance by trusting God in all things. She pitches in when Pastor David is out of town and believing in the power of illustration, she also employs visuals when teaching. A friend and confidant to her husband, Nicole shares many of her husband’s interests.

They are devoted parents to their two children, Ashtyn and Austin.

Ashtyn is super smart! She likes to sing, dance and dress up in a variety of costumes. She is already helping him preach, so we’ll just have to wait and see how long before she just takes over. Clearly she is daddy’s girl.

Austin is a college student at UMSL. He loves baseball and enjoys pitching. God absolutely rescued his life in what should have been a fatal car accident. The accident has not only proven an indelible lesson for Austin and the lesson is now used as a testimony to teach and save other teens.


Pastors David and Nicole Crank are reaching the lost and encouraging the hopeless with messages that are inspirational, timely, relevant and oftentimes very humorous.”