Guts Girls Spring Training Recap

Guts Girls Spring Training Recap





On Tuesday, April 8th, the women of Guts Church gathered together for one of our favorite events of the year! Guts Girls Spring Training proved to be the highlight of GG events thus far in 2014! The night included the first ever Guts Girls 7 on 7: 7 speakers with 7 different topics, speaking for 7 minutes each. It was fast-paced, jam-packed, and filled with all of our fave treats. It was a night unlike any other! The evening began with amazing worship, followed by our speaker round-up!

Scarlet Pepin kicked this off with ‘Backpack Free Journey’, a reminder that we’re called to live our lives free of the baggage we oftentimes unknowingly pick up along our journey. With “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, Brooklyn Scheer shared what it means to be content in every season of our lives, followed by an uplifting, “You Are Equipped” from Guts Church Elder Kerri Mitchell, drawing our focus to the acknowledgment that God has equipped us for every good work, no matter our skill set, status, or personality! “Are We There Yet?”, reminding us that our season of God’s fulfilled promises has arrived, was an amazing word from Molly Hart, followed by Jana Kennedy’s “#MOMPROBZ”–a great word for remaining true to who we’ve been created to be, parenting included! Jeremy Bedell talked health & wellness with “Change One Thing, Change Everything”. Pastor Sandy Scheer concluded the evening by sharing about relationships in “Married to Bill.” Spring Training was a hit by far & the perfect way to kick off an exciting season at Guts Church!

Make sure to save the date for Saturday, August 16th–we want to see you at the Guts Girls Brunch!