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find your group. find your people.

No matter your age or where you come from, we have a place for you! We are better together.


Guts Groups are hosting dinners at various restaurants around Tulsa for the months of September – December. This is an opportunity to enjoy great food, connect with others who serve in our church, and have a fun night out.

first monday

Hosted by Pastors Chano & Tara Trevino

Couples only

Second Monday

Hosted by David and Jamie Stine

Open to individuals and couples

Third Monday

Hosted by Pastors Nathaniel & Angela Ferrin

Open to individuals and couples

First Tuesday - SKIATOOK campus

Hosted by Glenn and Tonya Morgan

Open to individuals and couples

First Thursday

Hosted by Cole & Kasee Way

Open to individuals and couples

Second Thursday

Sub30 Hosted by Andrew Nunez & Anne Krause

18-30 years of age

Third Thursday

Hosted by Scott & Vanessa Houston and Tim & Sandy Redmond

Open to individuals and couples


Men's Breakfast Groups

Leaders: Mark / Dawson / David

Leaders: Travis / Sheldon

Leaders: Chucky / Opeta

Leaders: Nathaniel / Paul

Leaders: Andrew / Simon

Leaders: Taylor / Corbin

Sports Night

Leaders: Pastor Chano Trevino, Opeta Vai, Andrew Harmon

Men age 18+ join us every Sunday night at 6:30 pm in GYC for fun, connection and of course ultimate rugby and pickleball.

Sunday night 6:30 pm GYC building


Leaders: Simon Rodriguez and Dawson Willis

Fridays at 7pm

Guys Movie Night

Leaders: Bryan Tyler, Kyle Winner, Sheldon Dillingham
Men watching Manly Movies
Will be contacted with more information once signed up for the group

The Attitude of Generosity

Hosted by: David & Toni Grossardt and David & Teresa Wynn

This weekly Guts group will teach you how to live a life of biblical increase and financial prosperity by mastering your mindset and attitude toward generosity in every area of your life.

Location: Guts Church
Time: Mondays 6:30-8:30pm (May 15th – July 31st)

God's Laws for Business (Co-Ed)

Leaders: Tracy Gibson & Brenda Chapman

2nd Saturday of month meet to discuss how to operate a Godly run business.
Location: Just Dough It!


Eddie Warrior Prison Ministry

Leader: Nancy Schwartz

Women’s ministry at Eddie Warrior. All women who are interested must go through a state approved training and background check, as well as have attended Next Steps.

Thursday evenings once a month

Women's Pickleball

Leaders: Andrea Pack & Jamie Idleman

Calling all ladies 18+ who desire to have fun, play pickleball and meet new people join us 6:30 pm Tuesday evenings in GYC.

Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm

Womens Bunko

Leaders: Varsi Atkinson and Barbara McCarty

Monday evenings once a month
6-8pm at Guts Church

Book Study

Leaders: Lisa Harper

Video study of Hebrews from author and speaker Lisa Harper.

Tuesdays at 9:30am & 6:30pm
Location: Tulsa Campus

Nature Adventure

Leaders: Christina Isbell and Eileen Trujillo

Open to any homeschool family, we will be meeting at various parks, nature trails for outdoor fun and community.

Second Thursday at 10am 

Charcuterie Eats

Leaders: Tara Trevino and Hannah Henderson

Bring your favorite appetizer or dessert and come have a fun night filled with food and conversation.

4th Saturday of the Month

Mommy and Me

Leaders: Heather Rudd & Nickie Pfalmer

Moms and kids join us each month for a fun adventure at places around Tulsa.

Second Saturday of every month. 

Charcuterie Eats

Leaders: Tara Trevino and Hannah Henderson

Bring your favorite appetizer or dessert and come have a fun night filled with food and conversation.

4th Saturday of the Month


Guts Outreach

Leaders: Pastors Nathaniel and Angela Ferrin

Join the Guts Outreach ministry team as we serve our Tulsa Community.

Details will be given via text and email as outreaches are scheduled and planned.

Pickleball Groups (Co-Ed)

Leaders: Mark & Jennifer Jackson, Sheldon & Tasheena Dillingham, Kerri Mitchell & Jonathan King

Women and men join us as we play pickleball in varying locations around Tulsa.

2nd Sunday of the month

Location: Various locations around Tulsa


Coffee Group

Leaders: Pastors Nathaniel & Angela Ferrin

Join us for great coffee and conversation as we explore different venues around Tulsa.

1st Saturday of each month.

Young Marrieds

Hosted by: Dustyn and  Heather Miller & Brody and Kate Gibson

Young Marrieds group is an engaging community for newlyweds and young families. Our focus is to empower couples with biblical insight and practical tools to build a lifelong, resilient and fun marriage.

Last Friday of each month at 7pm

young marrieds with kids

Hosted by: Shaun and Meghan Schaefer & Kennedy and Dawson Willis

Couples only

Iglesia Dinner Group

Hosted by Chico and Amanda Lizardi

Open to individuals and couples


Hosted by: Kerri Mitchell and Jonathon King

Open to individuals and couples. Experience not required.

Second Sunday of each month

Guts Jr Kids Staff/Volunteer Group: CoEd

Hosted by: Diana Collins & Natalie Landis

Parents of Junior Kids age child and volunteers in the department will enjoy a fun night out once month, kid free!

First Friday of the Month

Adults only 18+


Hosted by: Lise Vai and Melissa Greiman

Join us for an opportunity to explore local trails and build community through organized hikes and outdoor activities. 

4th Saturday morning of each month