Services in person and online | Sunday 9:30a & 11:00a | Wednesdays 6:30p

GutsX Ministry Training

Leaders Building Leaders


Discover | Develop | Deploy

The GutsX School of Ministry is dedicated to raising up leaders and sending them to the highways and the hedges of the earth to compel people into the Kingdom of God. GutsX will help give you the training you need all in a culture designed to help prepare you to fulfill God’s calling on your life. 

  • 2 Year Commitment
  • Part Time
  • $3000 per year

The Lifeblood of Guts Church

The Guts Internship will develop you in the character, knowledge, and skills necessary to influence change in the world with the power of God, through the local church.

  • 1 Year Commitment
  • Full Time
  • $7500

Interested In Doing Both?


If you are interested in both of those opportunities, this is a dynamic package that allows you to participate in both.